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Last Updated: Sep 30, 2016 04:23PM BST

They say size doesn't matter, but when uploading your designs to Dizinga, bigger is better.

At Dizinga, we use high quality, cutting edge techniques to print your designs onto apparel, phone cases and wall art. To ensure the highest quality possible, it is important that we receive your artwork in the right size and format. Here's a quick guide to making sure that your designs are ready to be sold!

When uploading your designs, the most important factor is the number of pixels in the image. More pixels means a higher print quality. We recommend uploading your design with a size of 7016 x 9933 pixels. We only accept JPEG or PNG image formats, and your file should be no larger than 100MB, to avoid straining our servers. 

Below are the recommended image sizes for all of our products. Sticking to these will ensure that your products are printed perfectly, and at the highest level of quality possible!

Apparel - Recommended Size: 4800 x 4200 px.

Phone Case - Recommended Size: 2100 x 1300 px.

Tablet Case (Horizontal) - Recommended Size: 2500 x 3100 px.

Tablet Case (Vertical) - Recommended Size: 3100 x 2500 px.

Poster Print (Portrait) - 9933 x 7016 px.

Poster Print (Landscape) - 7016 x 9933 px.

Remember to use Dizinga's uploader to tweak the size and positioning of your design for each product. Also, set your background colours and customise your products to perfection. Keep designing, and watch your sales roll in!


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